Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The best bike lock ever.


So called "experts" often say that it's impossible to make a bike theft proof, that no matter how thorough a bike may be secured it merely buys time, and that given enough time(which actually isn't much at all), any bike can be stolen regardless of locking method.

Well, gentlemen, I present here to you as evidence this picture of a new Cannondale and the innovative and controversial method of locking. Guys, this is game changing. Notice the utter simplicity and sublime beauty by which this person secured their new and very expensive bicycle. How delicately, almost serenely, the lock is gently draped over one end of the handlebars. Dare I say their philosophy approaches shibumi*.

Please also note the unsecured headlight and water bottle left no doubt as a distraction, misleading any would be thief into thinking it an easy mark. How deviously clever! I could only smirk and nod knowingly at someone who clearly has it all figured out.