Sunday, June 16, 2013

It's official.

Gents and ladies,

It’s official. Dogs are more polite than people in LA.

Whilst leisurely ambling down the sidewalk this morning in my typical pedalestrian fashion toward my place of gainful employment, I happened upon a fellow of the canis persuasion. Despite being leashed to a nearby guard rail, he was sprawled upon the sidewalk most hedonistically, basking in the morning’s glory, all the car horns were as trumpets to his kingly greatness. I stopped and said to this fine furry tax evader, “Excuse me, would you mind terribly letting me by?” He was startled a bit at first, but in a moment’s notice gave way with a most polite enthusiasm. As I passed he gently spake, “mmmruf.” As if to say, “Very good sir. Have a pleasant day.”

A few blocks further into my journey, the driver of a small sedan offered me a single finger gesture as he sped through the intersection of which I was myself already traversing at the time.

Extrapolate as you will.

Knight on a bike.